Céline Turcotte
Céline Turcotte


Passionate about real estate, empathetic by nature and motivated by challenges: a career in real estate broker seems custom-made for Céline Turcotte.

Céline is certainly open to the world, thanks in large part to having spent a few years in New York working for the United Nations.

Add to this her many years of hands-on experience in real estate management and investments, and you have a results-oriented broker who always puts her clients’ interests first.

As Céline puts it, behind every successful business relationship is a strong personal connection.

People first. Then business.

« Being able to connect with people, listen to them and understand their needs is at the heart of what we do. Whether the mandate is to buy or sell, I’m always fully committed to my clients’ goals – before, during and after the transaction.  »

Buying or selling is always best done with trusted advice. The broker’s role is also to carefully consider and propose the right negotiating or marketing strategies.

Céline enjoys helping clients find that perfect balance between urban living and natural surroundings, all while helping them make the most of one of the biggest investments of their lives.

Céline Turcotte

Selling clients

  • Active listening based on empathy and mutual trust
  • A marketing strategy that includes a mix of digital and traditional marketing adapted to the clientele of potential buyers
  • Prepping and organizing advice in anticipation of the sale
  • Increased visibility through a well-established network
  • High value-added print sales tools and photos
  • Added protection and tough negotiation

Buying clients

  • Active listening based on empathy and mutual trust
  • Sound advice, attention to detail and ongoing presence
  • A negotiating approach based on comparables and in-depth knowledge of the target market
  • Added protection and tough negotiation
Céline Turcotte

Achieve your most ambitious real estate goals while benefiting from outstanding support. You have everything to gain: peace of mind, a fair price and more time to plan your move.

Don’t hesitate to contact Céline – she can make your real estate dreams come true!

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